Since being in the middle of the face, nose is very important for the harmony of face. Healthy individuals make eye contacts during face to face communication. Meantime, furtive glances at the other parts of the face become, as well. Deformed ( curved, dropped, asymmetric, down, quite upturned…) noses can reason to individual’s loss of self-confidence by attracting attention in an undesirable way. In such cases, in accordance with the patient’s demands and the doctor’s advice, the process to design a nose, which the individual will be pleased with, and to carry out this design , in other words the process to reform the nose, is called ‘Rhinoplasty’.

While reforming nose, Dr. Hüseyin BALIKCI adopt ultrasonic rhinoplasty, which is an open technique. Because with this approach, nose skeleton can be reformed with a perspective which dominates almost all nose anatomy. The bones are formed sensitively without being traumatized thanks to piezo device and tour. That’s why, we see too little bruise and swelling among most of our patients in the period of post-operation. Perfectionistic point of view requires worrying about little defect, as well.